Click Jogos

Click Jogos is an online gaming site. The site features several game categories, which include Action and Adventure, Cars, Sports, Football, Puzzle, Shot, and Games for Girls. In addition to these, there are also various Click Jogos Multiplayer games and downloadable games.

The Click Jogos Multiplayer game category features the following games:

Racing Games: V8 Muscle Cars 3, Rush Drift 3D, Rush, Drive A Ferrari, Age Of Speed 2

Shooting: Intruder Combat Training 2X, Pixel Warfare, Stealth Sniper, Zombocalypse 2, Red Crucible, Apple Shooter

Games Goodgame Studios: Shadow Kings - Dark Ages, Goodgame Empire, Goodgame Disco, Goodgame Gangster (Mafia), Goodgame Big Farm

Social Games: Goodgame Gangster (Mafia), Goodgame Cafe, Stardoll, MiniMundos, Snack Hunger – Thirst For Fanta

Fighting Games: The Awakening, Street Fighter 2 – Champion Edition, Master of Karate – The Amazing World Of Gumball, Yu Yu Hakusho Wars, Hercules – Curse of the Hydra, SpongeBob – Fight In Corals

Games In Unity:Pixel Warfare, Parking Drunk 2, Stealth Sniper, Mafia Driving Menace, KoGaMa

Premium Games:Goodgame Empire, Naruto Ultimate, Anime Ninja, Legend of the Greek Gods, Rainbow Saga

Shockwave Games:Rock Wheels, Jousting, Age of Speed 2, Turbo Racing, Drift Trike

Some of the best Click Jogos Multiplayer games include:

Twin Shot - Hit the monsters with arrows

Naruto Ultimate - Live the adventures of the Leaf Village

The Gate-Rex Daisy : The Amazing World of Gumball - Rescue the plush Gumball

Pixel Warfare - Very few for shooting!

Billiards - Pool within two modalities

Click the Pool - Pool with online multiplayer!

Tanki Online - Login to the great battle of tanks

Sports Heads Football Championship - Football league with superstars

Disclaimer: This is not the official site of Click Jogos. This is only a fan page. Visit for their official website.